Vamp Plugins

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This page lists plugins made by research groups and developers around the world. It is generated automatically from the RDF descriptions published by the plugin authors.

How to Install — For installation instructions see the bottom of this page.

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How to Install

A Vamp plugin set consists of a single dynamic library file with DLL, .dylib, or .so extension (depending on your platform) plus optionally a category file with .cat extension and an RDF description file with .ttl or .n3 extension.

To install a plugin set, just copy the plugin's library file and any supplied category or RDF files into your system or personal Vamp plugin location.

The plugin file extension and the location to copy into depend on your platform:

 File extensionSystem plugin folderPersonal plugin folder
Linux or other$HOME/vamp
Windows (32-bit).dllC:\Program Files\Vamp Plugins 
Windows (64-bit).dllC:\Program Files (x86)\Vamp Plugins 

You can alternatively set the VAMP_PATH environment variable to list the locations a host should look in for Vamp plugins.

VAMP_PATH should contain a semicolon-separated (on Windows) or colon-separated (OS/X, Linux) list of paths. If it is set, it will completely override the standard locations listed above.