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Plugin and Host Announcements / Re: We want your feedback!
« on: September 01, 2016, 09:15:38 »
Hi everyone,

I've put together a more formal survey covering the questions listed above.  If you want to help guide the development of the next release of Sonic Visualiser, we would be grateful if you would share your views with us by filling it in:

This survey will be accepting answers until the end of September 2016.

Many thanks


Plugin and Host Announcements / We want your feedback!
« on: July 13, 2016, 16:58:19 »
Hello everyone,

C4DM are working on a new major release of Sonic Visualiser and we would like to get some feedback from current users on things that you find awkward or difficult to do at the moment or features that you might like to see added. 

We're particularly looking for answers to questions such as these:

What do you currently like best about the user experience?

Are there parts of the installation process that you think could be made easier?

Are there common tasks that are fiddly or require a large number of steps to accomplish?

Are there aspects of finding/installing/using plugins that you think could be improved? (from both a user and a developer perspective)

I will be gathering requirements and comments over the next few weeks and we will use suggestions to guide development of the new release.

Please feel free to reply to this thread with your suggestions or, if you prefer, mail me directly at

Chris Harte

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