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Here are links to all the Vamp plugins that we have been notified of.

For installation instructions see the bottom of the page.

Many of these will be ready to download and run straight away on your platform. Licensing terms vary: please see the individual plugin pages for details.

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PluginsVersionLinuxOS/XWindowsSource code
Queen Mary plugin set (docs)
Note onset detector, beat and barline tracker, tempo estimator, key estimator, tonal change detector, structural segmenter, timbral and rhythmic similarity estimator, wavelet scaleogram, adaptive spectrogram, note transcription, chromagram, constant Q spectrogram and MFCC calculation plugins from the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London
(32 and 64 bit)
DownloadDownload Browse
Vamp Aubio plugins
Onset detection, pitch tracking, note tracking and tempo tracking plugins using Paul Brossier's aubio library.
0.4.0 Download (64 bit) Download Download Download
or Browse
NNLS Chroma and Chordino
Harmony and chord extraction plugins by Matthias Mauch at C4DM
0.2.1   Download Download Download
or Browse
Mazurka plugins
Spectral visualisation and feature extraction plugins from the Mazurka project.
2007-05-08 Download (32 bit)   Download Browse
Vamp libxtract plugins
Low-level feature extraction plugins using Jamie Bullock's libxtract library to provide around 50 spectral and other features. Download (64 bit) Download Download Download
or Browse
MATCH Vamp plugin
Vamp implementation of the MATCH audio alignment algorithm from Simon Dixon. Sonic Visualiser v1.2 can use this for automatic alignment (see tutorial).
0.2.1 Download (32 bit)
Download (64 bit)
Download Download Download
or Browse
MARSYAS Vamp plugins
Low-level feature extraction plugins containing functionality from the MARSYAS batch feature extractor.
0.02 Download (32 bit)     Download
University of Alicante Vamp plugins
Onset detection and polyphonic transcription plugins from the DRIMS project
1.0 Download Download Download Download
INESC Porto Beat Tracking plugin
Plugin from João Oliveira of the SMC Group for tempo induction and beat tracking, built on the MARSYAS framework.
1.0 Download (32 bit)
Download (64 bit)
Download Download Download
(part of Marsyas source)
MELODIA - Melody Extraction
Melody pitch estimator for polyphonic music from the Music Technology Group at UPF, Barcelona
1.0 Download Download Download  
HPCP - Harmonic Pitch Class Profile
Chroma feature estimation plugind from the Music Technology Group at UPF, Barcelona
1.0   Download Download  
BBC Vamp plugins
A collection of audio feature extraction algorithms from BBC Research and Development
20130402 Download Download Download Download
OFA Vamp plugin
Plugin that performs audio fingerprinting and lookup using the MusicIP OFA library.
20080128       Download
OnsetsDS plugin
Note onset detector using Dan Stowell's OnsetsDS library.
0.2 Download (32 bit) Download Download Download
Vamp example plugins (docs)
A set of simple plugins as included with the Vamp developers kit. Amplitude tracker, simple percussion onset detector, tempo estimator, spectral centroid, power spectrum, and zero-crossing counter.
2.0 Download (32 bit)
Download (64 bit)
Download Download Browse
A wrapper to support plugins written in Python
2.0 See dedicated VamPy page
RGU Mel-Frequency Spectrum
A music-inspired texture representation implemented as a VamPy plugin, from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.
Requires VamPy.
1.0 Download Download Download

How to Install

A Vamp plugin set consists of a single dynamic library file with DLL, .dylib, or .so extension (depending on your platform) plus optionally a category file with .cat extension and an RDF description file with .ttl or .n3 extension.

To install a plugin set, just copy the plugin's library file and any supplied category or RDF files into your system or personal Vamp plugin location.

The plugin file extension and the location to copy into depend on your platform:

 File extensionSystem plugin folderPersonal plugin folder
Linux or other$HOME/vamp
Windows (32-bit).dllC:\Program Files\Vamp Plugins 
Windows (64-bit).dllC:\Program Files (x86)\Vamp Plugins 

You can alternatively set the VAMP_PATH environment variable to list the locations a host should look in for Vamp plugins.

VAMP_PATH should contain a semicolon-separated (on Windows) or colon-separated (OS/X, Linux) list of paths. If it is set, it will completely override the standard locations listed above.