Author Topic: Understanding output from Adaptive Spectrogram  (Read 741 times)


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Understanding output from Adaptive Spectrogram
« on: August 29, 2017, 23:10:09 »
I'm trying to understand the output from the Queen Mary Adaptive Spectrogram plug-in.
I've dug thru the Wikis, the ReadMes, and the paper by Dr. Brown regarding the algorithms.  I've even looked at the source code, but it is not well commented and my C++ skills are just kinda "meh".  I've done Google searches.  I cannot find ANY documentation as to what this plugin is outputing.  I can only make some somewhat educated guesses based on Dr. Brown's paper.

If I run it with the defaults, I get a bunch of lines which are comma separated into 1025 values.
The very first value is the time, in seconds, in the audio file.  That was pretty obvious.
It's the next 1024 values I can't figure out.
MIDI defines 128 notes, but this is 8 times as many.
Does every 8th value correspond to a note, and the other 7 the frequencies in between?
What does the value represent, decibels?  Some other measurement?

If anyone is familiar with this plugin, I would appreciate some insight.
Thanks, Dr. Wizard.