Author Topic: MATCH Vamp Plugin v1.0 released  (Read 2310 times)


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MATCH Vamp Plugin v1.0 released
« on: September 09, 2015, 13:06:26 »
Version 1.0 of the MATCH Vamp Plugin is now available:

This is a Vamp plugin implementation of the MATCH audio alignment algorithm by Simon Dixon.

The plugin expects to receive two channels of input, which are assumed to represent two different monophonic recordings of the same underlying musical material for alignment.

This input format can be provided by, for example, Sonic Annotator's --multiplex option with two audio files.

This plugin is also used by Sonic Visualiser to provide its automatic alignment facility.

The v1.0 release is an aggregation of various performance and bug fix improvements since the last release, and it also adds a number of new parameters.