Author Topic: Sonic Annotator v1.1 now available  (Read 3580 times)


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Sonic Annotator v1.1 now available
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:44:45 »
Sonic Annotator is a utility program for batch feature extraction from audio files.  It runs Vamp audio analysis plugins with specified parameters on audio files, and writes the result features in a selection of formats.

Version 1.1 is now available. This is a major feature release. Changes include:

Front-end changes:

 - Add support for the start time and duration properties of a transform, applying a plugin to only a range of the input audio
 - Reduce the internal processing blocksize from 16384 to 1024 samples to reduce extent of time rounding at end of file or range
 - Add --multiplex option to compose multiple audio files into a single multi-channel stream with one input file per channel
 - Add --normalise to request each audio file be normalised to 1.0 max
 - Add support for the plugin_version property of a transform, causing Sonic Annotator to refuse to run with the wrong version of a plugin
 - Add --minversion option to permit scripts to check that the version of Sonic Annotator is as they expect
 - Add new housekeeping options to list the available feature writers and supported audio file formats
 - Pull out the feature-writer-specific help text into separate help options (-h <writertype>) as the help was getting too long

Back-end (feature writer) changes:

 - Add --csv-omit-filename, --csv-end-times, and --csv-fill-ends options to the CSV feature writer to adjust various aspects of its output
 - Add "json" feature writer, exporting to JAMS (JSON Annotated Music Specification) format. This writer is provisional and is expected to change in future releases to comply more effectively with the specification
 - Add "midi" feature writer, exporting to MIDI files
 - Add "lab" feature writer, exporting to tab-separated label files. (This is equivalent to using the CSV writer with a tab separator and the new --csv-omit-filename and --csv-end-times options, but it's simpler to use if .lab is what you want)

Bug fixes:

 - Fix the former habit of forging ahead even if not all transform files could be found or parsed (this may have been intentional behaviour but it is confusing more than it is useful)
 - Fix failure to support --summary-only flag when reading transforms with summaries from a transform file