Author Topic: Exporting (some) extracted symbolic features/information as .mid  (Read 16778 times)


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Which possibilities do we have to export symbolic information which we got by using some plugins in Sonic Visualiser 1.3?

For example I would like to export pitch and tempo related information as midi files. Is this already possible directly or by some workarounds? Right now in Sonic Visualiser we seem to have following options in File.Export Annotation Layer:

1.  Sonic Visualiser Layer XML files (*.svl)
2.  Comma-separated data files (*.csv)
3.  Text files (*.txt)

Right now, we need another converter from these .csv or .txt to .mid as far as I understand it.

Thanks for Sonic Visualiser (:= SV) and all the great plugins, I tried SV some time ago in version 1.0 and it was somehow not working correctly, so I stopped using it, but now version 1.3 is working quite well. Now I can play with these great analysis algorithms/tools. Thanks to all developers and who made this possible!


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Re: Exporting (some) extracted symbolic features/information as .mid
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2008, 09:05:12 »

Sonic Visualiser can export MIDI files, but only from Notes type layers.  If a note layer is the current layer, then when you go to File -> Export Annotation Layer, you will see MIDI as one of the exportable file types.

If you have data in some other layer (such as a time-value layer) that you want to export as MIDI, it may be possible to do this by copy-pasting the data points into a new Notes layer and exporting that.  You'll always get some sort of MIDI file that way -- but SV is often not clever enough to determine what the correct pitch for each note should be when it is pasted from a non-note layer, so the results may not actually be useful.

There is probably room for improvement in this area, if you have specific test cases that you would like to see working.