Author Topic: Vamp plugin mentioned in research paper not available from the download page  (Read 2393 times)


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This paper mentions three tempo/beat tracker plugins, one of those is simply named "Tempotracker Vamp Plugins" (see page 11)

I can't find it in the list of downloadable plugins. However there is a thread seeming to talk about it and there it says that it has bugs

PS: an additional site note, so I don't spam the whole Forum with small questions... in the Musicologist's guide to Sonic Visualiser they tell one to install the "Vamp Audio Plugins" (for a person like me, who usually first thinks that I am the error, it took me quite a while to try if they are referring to "Vamp Aubio Plugins" and download it. Just a text correction, but...). Also, the Mazurka Plugin demanded to install in the guide is not available for Macs, did they not mention this with purpose, because you plan to port it for Mac in the future (and so you won't have to change the guide)?
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