Author Topic: Impossible to hear any sound from "library sample player" plugin  (Read 3239 times)


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As a scientist, I have been using Sonic Visualizer for many years in time segmentation domain. I work on microtiming and use a lot onset detectors. This tool is very useful for my researches. :)

Recently, while I still can hear without any problem the musical excerpts that I analyse, it became impossible to hear any sound from "libray sample player" plugin (whatever "tap", "click", "beep" selected). I cannot work without this fantastic feature (developed by Chris Cannam) which allows me to verify (as a musician) the relevance of the detected onsets.

I use Sonic Visualizer v 2.2 and v 2.1 on two different computers, each one with Windows XP. Same problem occurs. :-\

Many thanks by advance  for your help,

Best regards