Author Topic: Vamp plugin SDK v2.5 now available  (Read 3661 times)


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Vamp plugin SDK v2.5 now available
« on: May 10, 2013, 08:43:43 »
Version 2.5 of the Vamp plugin SDK is now available.

Vamp is a plugin API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins written in C or C++.  Its SDK features an easy-to-use set of C++ classes for plugin and host developers, a reference host implementation, example plugins, and documentation.  It is supported across Linux, OS/X, and Windows.

A documentation guide to writing plugins using the Vamp SDK can be found at

Version 2.5 is a bugfix release. For more details, see the changelog at

The most significant fix in this release is in the host SDK, and affects the handling of output timestamps in the (little used) FixedSampleRate output type.

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