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Export audio file playback to video
« on: December 18, 2011, 19:28:53 »
Given that Sonic Visualiser is a moving, visual playback of audio data, I've been using it extensively to study and then share my analysis of wildlife recordings.

Unfortunately most people in my user audience are not interested in using Sonic Visualiser to see the spectrograms I create and annotate. So I am forced to capture the playback in a video format and then post it to youtube for their consumption. I do this through a tedious process that involves Sonic Visualiser, RecordMyDesktop, OpenShot video editor, and the annotation features in Youtube. Just producing a 1 minute clip can take hours of work, and the video capture portion is the most tedious part.

I'm sure other SV users would like to share their audio studies with colleagues, and an export to video would be the easiest way to do that (allowing videos to be shared by email, or loaded to the internet).

Would it be possible to create an export capability in Sonic Visualiser, something that would allow the user to capture the complete playback of a file in a video format, maybe MPEG (or an open source format)?

Not sure how simple this would be to implement, but I think it would lead to video-spectrograms proliferating quickly, given the increased visibility they would reserve.

For an example of the video-spectrograms I've been creating, check out my Youtube collection at: