Author Topic: Make Vertical Display Range Easier to Find  (Read 3408 times)


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Make Vertical Display Range Easier to Find
« on: December 18, 2011, 19:03:29 »
I'm a big fan of the vertical display range available when the spectrogram layer is selected. But as a new user it took me weeks to find where I had to go to set the vertical display range (I'm not fond of reading user guides). I eventually did find it, and now use it frequently.

But as the official Sonic Visualizer guru among my group of research friends, I'm often asked questions about how to find/use the tool. And guiding people to the vertical display dialogue is a real challenge in email.

I've wondered if it would be possible to put the two settings of the "Enter New Range" vertical display dialogue, onto the spectrogram tab itself. Maybe list it directly below the "Bins" setting, where it would be easy to see and use?

Can we make this a feature modification request for the next point release of SV?