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More Annotation Capabilities
« on: December 18, 2011, 18:43:00 »
Hi Cannam,
After the great implementation you did with the ability to save the user's preferences to reappear at start up, I thought I'd bounce another "need" of you. Hopefully this is one that could be handled nearly as easily.

I do a lot of markup on the my audio files as I analyze them (wildlife studies mainly). And I often need more than just the basic text overlay to capture the information I want to record. The text overlay is a nice feature, but it doesn't provide the user many options for modifying it, so here's the first user need:

Improve the text annotation layer with options to modify the font in use. New features should include basic font manipulation to include font type, font size, and other font characteristics (e.g. bold, italic, underlined, or even strikethrough). Left, right and center justification would be a nice addition as well.

And given the visual nature of SV, it would be a huge improvement if we could add a "shapes" layer as well. This would allow the user to add circles, squares, lines and other shapes to the visualization. For instance, I would create horizontal lines helping identify various vocal regions in a playback (i.e. bass, baritone or soprano, falsetto, etc.). And if such a user defined layer could be produced, it would be nice to have the ability to save and reuse that layer on other audio files (for instance, I'd create an illustration of the modal register and its components, then overlay that on many different audio files that I'd study).

So basically that's two different requests, font improvements and a user definable shapes layer. Hope that's doable in a future release of SV. This is a great tool and it gets better with every new version.