Author Topic: First pre-release of Vamp plugin SDK v1.1 available  (Read 5589 times)


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First pre-release of Vamp plugin SDK v1.1 available
« on: June 07, 2007, 15:05:33 »

A first prerelease version of the Vamp plugin SDK version 1.1 is now available from:

The main addition for version 1.1 is a set of classes designed to make it very simple for a program to become a Vamp plugin host.

The new Vamp::HostExt namespace contains a PluginLoader class, which handles enumeration, loading and category management for plugins on the local system.  Also provided are two new plugin adapters: PluginInputDomainAdapter which provides the capability for a host to support frequency-domain plugins without needing to worry about domain conversion, and PluginChannelAdapter to transparently deal with plugins that expect different numbers of audio channels from the number available.

Version 1.1 also makes some minor beauty-and-truth updates and clarifies some of the documentation.  Apart from the new classes, the public programming API remains the same as version 1.0 of the SDK.  The SDK also remains 100% binary compatible with existing Vamp 1.0 plugins, and the API version number is unchanged at 1.

If you are likely to have any interest in the final 1.1 SDK, I urge you to test this prerelease and report on your findings!