Author Topic: using the vamp-libxtract:noisiness plugin  (Read 4454 times)


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using the vamp-libxtract:noisiness plugin
« on: August 05, 2009, 01:22:46 »
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to use vamp-libxtract plugins.

When I use the vamp-libxtract:noisiness plugin with vamp-simple-host, the host only output some expositive words and don't print any noise data in the console.

>vamp-simple-host.exe vamp-libxtract.dll:noisiness ificouldfly.wav

get-features.exe: Running...
Reading file: "ificouldfly.wav", writing to standard output
Running plugin: "noisiness"...
Using block size = 1024, step size = 1024
Plugin accepts 1 -> 1 channel(s)
Sound file has 2 (will mix/augment if necessary)
Output is: "noisiness"
PluginChannelAdapter::initialise: mixing 2 to mono for plugin

I'm using latest releases :
- vamp SDK v2.0
- vamp-libxtract.dll :
on windows XP 32bits.

It seems that both of host and plugin is running well, but the host just doesn't print any extracted noise data. How can I fix it? I want to see the noise data in the console for some tests. Thanks!