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Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / How do i install ladspa plugins?
« Last post by hinsn on January 19, 2014, 11:32:42 »
Hi all,

I´ve been trying really hard to understand how this works, but somehow I can´t figure it out...

I want to apply filter effects to isolate frequencies that I see in a spectrogram to train my hearing. I searched for filters in "Find Transforms" but there was nothing. In this forum, someone suggested to use LADSPA plugins.,198.msg473.html#msg473

Can anyone help me out here?

Plugin Development / Bass pitch
« Last post by Martin on December 14, 2013, 20:33:55 »
I have been looking at Chordino plugins for chord and chord note estimation using Audacity.  I would welcome help on modifying the plugin in order to label the note estimation track with actual midi notes rather than (or as well as) the midi note numbers.  It would also be a great help to be able to isolate the lowest note in a chord in order to get a good bass line part.
Martin :)
Plugin and Host Announcements / Sonic Visualiser v2.3 now available
« Last post by cannam on December 13, 2013, 15:06:26 »
Sonic Visualiser is an application for inspecting and analysing the
contents of music audio files. It combines powerful waveform and
spectral visualisation tools with automated feature extraction plugins
and annotation capabilities.

Version 2.3 of Sonic Visualiser is now available. This release contains
bugfixes and a small number of new features.

For more information, please read the change log at:

I am new to sound technology (as of 2 wks ago) and need to record infrasound for personal reasons.
My equipment = Earthworks M30 microphone, RME Fireface UC, iMac 10.7, both Earthworks mic and RME UC have a frequency range to 5hz. RME UC at sampling rate 192k.

Despite reading both manuals on the sonic visualiser I am a still unsure of how to set it up and how to interpret the data.

1. I don't really know what gain I should put on the mic preamp. I put 34.
2. I don't know how to interpret the spectrograph/gram, how can i tell if  infrasound or also something like a packet of sound like a sound bullet (its the only way I can describe it) are present and at what amplitude?DB? and for what periods of time?
3. is there a vamp plugin (hopefully mac compatible) that shows infrasound as an x y axis, hz on one side and db? on the other?

So I sort of throw myself at the mercy of the forum and hope someone or more can help me.

I have a short wav file and a longer wav file that I can put on a shared place. Its rather large bcs of the sampling rate though (192k).

Kind regards

Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Re: Can't open .dmg of AV 2.2
« Last post by cannam on November 14, 2013, 17:16:25 »
Hi again -- we've made some configuration changes on the server, so if you -- or any other reader -- have been having problems with this, can you try again and let me know whether it works any better now?

As another alternative, try changing the URL scheme for the file download URL (the code.soundsoftware one) from http:// to https:// and again let me know if it helps.


Plugin Development / Re: Mobile Development - armv7 / iOS Platforms
« Last post by cannam on November 14, 2013, 14:37:42 »
Hi there -- I'm afraid I know very little about how to compile anything for iOS, but I should point out a significant problem with what you're trying to do:

Although the Vamp plugin SDK is indeed BSD-style licenced, so that you can write both plugins and hosts under any licence you wish, the QM Vamp Plugins and qm-dsp libraries are not. They are instead under the GPL, meaning you cannot use them in App Store code at all unless you have a separate commercial licence (available from QM).

I'm sorry to bring this disappointing news...

Plugin Development / Mobile Development - armv7 / iOS Platforms
« Last post by loretoparisi on November 14, 2013, 14:29:48 »
I'm working to "port" the VAMP Plugins and the VAMP Host to armv7 / iOS platforms.

Here you can find first results in compiling and linking.

Most of the problems are linker related to stdlibC++/ libc++.dylib and Xcode clang compiler I guess.
Getting and Using Vamp Plugins / Can Vamp help me with this?
« Last post by beshoo on November 11, 2013, 20:47:29 »
Dear all , i need your help

i'm looking to re recognize "baby crying sound" in order to know the baby needs.
I want to deal with the sound as an event, NOT as music.

I did record a lot of baby crying sounds and labeled each sample with the  "baby status" , is he / she hungry , tired..etc.
in order to teach the system.

Situation :
- I have a lot of labeled WAV files, and we need to insert them "some how" in a database to be able to search for similarity.

User Situation:
- A baby start crying , and we need to identify / analyze the sound/
- Mother will hold a Mobile Device to record a sample of the crying sound. 30 sec.
- The sample will be sent to a "Linux" server to be classified by compare it  with "Our collected database" .
- Server will return the best matched results.

what i need is some think like : which provided by
but it is NOT an open source and they dont provide the API as OpenSource.

Please may you advice me what should i do, and is there any ready to use software with a good accuracy rate ?

Thank you very much.
Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Re: Can't open .dmg of AV 2.2
« Last post by ryanflanery on November 08, 2013, 17:48:22 »
I tried 3 different downloads yesterday all with same problem. I'll try running a checksum. Thanks Chris.
Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Re: Can't open .dmg of AV 2.2
« Last post by cannam on November 08, 2013, 17:27:15 »
Another user reported this to me recently, but I think it turned out to be an incomplete download. Possibly the server is timing out too easily? Can you check the file size and/or md5sum for the file against those listed on the download page, and perhaps try again?

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