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Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Missing time values at the top of the pane
« Last post by Nadman on October 12, 2017, 09:19:50 »
I am a newbie to SV and have been using the program with the Melodia plug-in on my Mac Air to extract the pitches in Indian raga music. I was using 3.02 but all of a sudden the time values (figures) shown on the  top of the pane have disappeared though the markings are still there. I have tried everything I could think of by using the commands from the menu including the "add time ruler" command but that hasn't worked. I must have done something obviously wrong but can't seem to identify what it is. And the solution to this disappearance too must be obvious to those who are well acquainted with the SV program and its settings.

Could someone please guide me. Incidentally, I downloaded the 3.03 . version in the hope that it would restore the old settings that I might have messed up but that also did not work. On the other hand, I downloaded SV 3.03 on my i Mac desktop for the first time and the time values along with the markings were there. Unfortunately, the Python program that I run exists only on my  laptop and I don't know how to run it on my big Mac. So I have to keep on transferring files from the laptop to the big Mac, which is a bit of a pain.

Thanks in advance for taking pity on a newbie and guiding him
Getting and Using Vamp Plugins / Understanding output from Adaptive Spectrogram
« Last post by Dr.W. on August 29, 2017, 23:10:09 »
I'm trying to understand the output from the Queen Mary Adaptive Spectrogram plug-in.
I've dug thru the Wikis, the ReadMes, and the paper by Dr. Brown regarding the algorithms.  I've even looked at the source code, but it is not well commented and my C++ skills are just kinda "meh".  I've done Google searches.  I cannot find ANY documentation as to what this plugin is outputing.  I can only make some somewhat educated guesses based on Dr. Brown's paper.

If I run it with the defaults, I get a bunch of lines which are comma separated into 1025 values.
The very first value is the time, in seconds, in the audio file.  That was pretty obvious.
It's the next 1024 values I can't figure out.
MIDI defines 128 notes, but this is 8 times as many.
Does every 8th value correspond to a note, and the other 7 the frequencies in between?
What does the value represent, decibels?  Some other measurement?

If anyone is familiar with this plugin, I would appreciate some insight.
Thanks, Dr. Wizard.
Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Re: Signal generator plug-in
« Last post by aconto on April 12, 2017, 09:39:51 »
No suggestions ? I'd like to hear the melody extracted with Melodia, and possibly export the output in order to feed some plug-in, maybe into another workstation. So I'd like to export audio or midi data, or to figure out how to convert the text file which comes out from the export menu into an audio file.
Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Signal generator plug-in
« Last post by aconto on April 10, 2017, 10:49:40 »
Hello everybody. I'm looking for a signal generator for hearing some features of melody extraction such as Melodia. Anyone could suggest me something ?
Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Re: Sonic Visualiser 3.0 released!
« Last post by cannam on March 07, 2017, 14:33:01 »
And predictably enough, within a week a 3.0.1 is necessary!

Downloads from the usual place:

The update fixes two crashes on Windows and updates the MIDI device driver layer on all platforms.

Plugin Development / Vamp Plugin SDK v2.7 available!
« Last post by cannam on March 03, 2017, 11:47:18 »
Version 2.6 of the Vamp plugin SDK is now available.

Vamp is a plugin API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins written in C or C++.  Its SDK features an easy-to-use set of C++ classes for plugin and host developers, a reference host implementation, example plugins, and documentation.  It is supported across Linux, OS/X, and Windows.

A documentation guide to writing plugins using the Vamp SDK can be found at

Version 2.7 is a bugfix and minor enhancement release. For more details, see the changelog at

Host Forum: Sonic Visualiser / Sonic Visualiser 3.0 released!
« Last post by cannam on March 03, 2017, 11:45:05 »
Sonic Visualiser 3.0 is out!

What's new in this release:

Getting and Using Vamp Plugins / Re: Vamp plugins not loading in Audacity
« Last post by cannam on January 19, 2017, 10:21:32 »
Hi there -- I believe this plugin doesn't show up because Audacity has no way to display any of its outputs. Audacity only shows those plugins that have at least one output that can be displayed on a label track -- it can't display grid output from Vamp plugins, and all of the CQ outputs are grids.

That is the way it used to work anyway, I haven't checked the code very recently.
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