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Title: Missing time values at the top of the pane
Post by: Nadman on October 12, 2017, 09:19:50
I am a newbie to SV and have been using the program with the Melodia plug-in on my Mac Air to extract the pitches in Indian raga music. I was using 3.02 but all of a sudden the time values (figures) shown on the  top of the pane have disappeared though the markings are still there. I have tried everything I could think of by using the commands from the menu including the "add time ruler" command but that hasn't worked. I must have done something obviously wrong but can't seem to identify what it is. And the solution to this disappearance too must be obvious to those who are well acquainted with the SV program and its settings.

Could someone please guide me. Incidentally, I downloaded the 3.03 . version in the hope that it would restore the old settings that I might have messed up but that also did not work. On the other hand, I downloaded SV 3.03 on my i Mac desktop for the first time and the time values along with the markings were there. Unfortunately, the Python program that I run exists only on my  laptop and I don't know how to run it on my big Mac. So I have to keep on transferring files from the laptop to the big Mac, which is a bit of a pain.

Thanks in advance for taking pity on a newbie and guiding him
Title: Re: Missing time values at the top of the pane
Post by: Nadman on October 19, 2017, 08:35:10
I don't know if what I asked is so obvious that no one felt it necessary to post a reply guiding me or is it that no one has experienced this problem and therefore there is no one who can guide me.